Masterpola Actesso Stomatex Wrist Support Splint - Wrist Stabiliser- Ideal for Reducing Pain from Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, Wrist Injury or Arthritis. Medically Approved (Medium Right):Masterpola
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Actesso Stomatex Wrist Support Splint - Wrist Stabiliser- Ideal for Reducing Pain from Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, Wrist Injury or Arthritis. Medically Approved (Medium Right):Masterpola

Actesso Published in October 18, 2018, 12:56 am
 Actesso Stomatex Wrist Support Splint - Wrist Stabiliser- Ideal for Reducing Pain from Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, Wrist Injury or Arthritis. Medically Approved (Medium Right):Masterpola

Actesso Stomatex Wrist Support Splint - Wrist Stabiliser- Ideal for Reducing Pain from Carpal Tunnel, Sprains, Wrist Injury or Arthritis. Medically Approved (Medium Right):Masterpola

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morganna Reply to on 21 July 2018
I have arthritis and a muscle disorder and was looking for something that would help give support during the day.

I have to say however, this is the best by far.
It is a great price and I can wear this all day without any problem. It is really comfortable and the adjustable velcro strapping means as well as being secure, I was able to strap it to my comfortable level unlike others I have tried that have dug into my wrist and arm leaving marks.
This offer great support without restricting your movements too much
I found I could continue with most things I needed to whilst wearing this.
At present I only need the right side,but will not hesistate to get another if needed in the future
The measurements give for the various sizes seem to be quite accurate and I used these to judge what size I needed.
The only slight downside I found is the covered area can get a little sweat in hot weather, personally however for the support gained I think this is a very minor thing and if you are thinking of getting one for yourself... I would definitely say go for it,you will not regret it!
MB Reply to on 16 September 2015
Spoke to a GP relative about my symptoms and he suggested I purchase a wrist support from a sports shop but as I had Amazon Prime I decided to buy this wrist support ( suitably approved by the relevant medical bodies) as I would get it the next day.

The support is easy to place over the wrist, fastened by velcro. It is very comfortable and I am not aware it is even in place when I wear it at night. The night time pins and needles/numbness ( thumb and adjacent two fingers of the right hand) and extreeme pain in some nuckle joints disappeared on the first night of use but I still use it a week after I first started wearing the support.

Much relief and very impressed with this product
Jimbo Reply to on 18 November 2016
Having used the wrist support for less than 24 hours I am really disappointed that the stitching on the bottom, where the stabilising bar is located is coming apart. This is due to a single stitch being used which does not offer the strength needed.

The rest of the support is comfy to wear and is secure with a good amount of support.
Loz Reply to on 2 July 2017
Have had 2 sets of these now, yes they offer great support and are fab for about a month. However the stitching is rubbish. they do not stand up to daily wear and regular washing ( because of material they hold smells and need regular washing) despite following care instructions the stitching holding the metal bar in place has broken/ come undone allowing the bar to slip out, therefore rendering them useless.
Product ok for short term use, however if you are looking for something that will last, or for continued use, I would suggest you give these a miss.
A.Ingleby Reply to on 12 December 2017
I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and this gives such great relief! My doctor originally gave me one of these but in a move it's disappeared.

I've been meaning to go back to the doctor and ask for a replacement, when I thought about checking Amazon. I ordered this and it was with my within a few days. It's top quality and super comfy, I would recommend it to anyone
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 15 December 2017
Having damaged my wrist quite badly but still having to work I had to find a solution. This wrist support was the answer!
I still managed to work as a joiner whilst having absolutely no strength in my wrist thanks to this wrist support. It's easy to wash/keep clean and even wearing it all week at work then giving it a quick wash it was fine to wear to the pub that Friday night!! Overall a really good product that I would happily recommend to anyone!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 25 August 2017
My wife has really bad carpel tunnel from breastfeeding. After several products that didn't have the metal splint we were recommended these.

Although these are not a miracle cure they do really help if they are worn at the right times. If you do have bad carpel tunnel like she does, my wife would recommend a second pair (we got 2 pairs) for when the others need a wash.
Thomas Reply to on 15 December 2014
Really pleased with the purchase of the wrist support. I purchased this product in hope that it would give appropriate support to my wrist after suffering an injury while playing in goal (Sudden impact, football). During my first few weeks with the injury I used various ointments and bandage to try to heal my injury and as my wrist was not getting any better I decided to look for something more suitable. After a lot of research looking in to different types of wrist supports I decided to go for this product, mainly for the simple reason it looked very robust and well made.

At first I found it quite awkward to wear due to the metal bracket fitted, which goes from the lower arm and bends around your wrist and goes in towards your palm. Naturally your hand wants to move freely and at first I found it very strange but you get used to it. This of course gives precisely the support and rest your wrist needs. For me this was exactly what I needed as previously while sleeping as I often woke up in pain and nowadays I don't have this problem anymore.

So what are the pros?

It fits really well, as you have adjustable straps.
Metal bracket gives excellent support to your wrist. note metal bracket can be removed
Keeps your wrist warm
It's washable. These items can start to smell after and it is imperative to be able to wash it.

And what are the cons?
When I take it off I sometimes forget to put the wrist support back on again.
Garry B
Garry B Reply to on 18 April 2017
Superb product. I had sprained my thumb and forefinger through a repetitive strain injury, had shooting pains all the way up my arm, couldn't sleep and having a great deal of issues getting dressed, as well as my hand being blue and extremely swollen. This arrived 2 days later and after just a night of wearing the pain had substantially subsided by stabilising the muscles supporting my thumb and forefinger, this allowed them to have more movement with less pain and the swelling disappeared. I took it off during the day and regretted it as the swelling and pain came back. Saw my Doctor the next day and she confirmed I'd done the right thing and suggested I wear this for another 3-5 days and remove occasionally to do thumb exercises and rotations. Followed this advice and sure enough 5 days later I am pain free (just a slight bruised feeling) and no longer wearing it.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 August 2018
After being in pot for a wrist injury I wore this brace in the weeks after having the pot removed. It was amazing. Offered great support but also gives you complete use of your hand. The metal strip can be removed so that you can wash the brace. I will wear it for added support when lifting in the future.
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