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Der Prozess:Masterpola

Franz Kafka
Franz Kafka Published in October 18, 2018, 1:36 am
 Der Prozess:Masterpola

Der Prozess:Masterpola

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Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 10 July 2013
This tale of how faceless bureaucracy frustrates the individual's attempt to find reason, logic or stability in the world is a one-work incarnation of the term "Kafkaesque." Kafka lures us onto a stage which is familiar and opaque, in which his players are crushed by the forces that weigh on them from above. Destined to be paraded along with Crime and Punishment in the pockets of self conscious intellectuals everywhere, we can at least rest in the knowledge that, scary though Kafka's world is, the real world just doesn't work that way.
R. M. M.
R. M. M. Reply to on 29 March 2013
My German is far from good enough to read this with any pleasure, but I found it useful to have this as a backup to the translation I bought at the same time. This is one of the many areas where free Kindle really scores.
God'elpus Reply to on 3 December 2015
Although written early in the 20th century, this book becomes more relevant with time. It's always a thrill to read in a foreign language and this text is quite accessible. In this edition the print is rather small (for my old eyes). Hence only 4 stars.
road runner
road runner Reply to on 17 December 2014
Easy down load
Mike W
Mike W Reply to on 16 May 2018
One of my favourite books
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 April 2015
It It is painfully detailed and much the same stile as Amerika
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