Masterpola Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Advantage Topiary Shears:Masterpola
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Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Advantage Topiary Shears:Masterpola

Spear & Jackson
Spear & Jackson Published in October 18, 2018, 12:11 am
 Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Advantage Topiary Shears:Masterpola

Spear & Jackson Razorsharp Advantage Topiary Shears:Masterpola

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Chris M
Chris M Reply to on 7 December 2014
I have used these shears for a month or so now to trim and maintain the shape of our front door baby yew tree (Taxus baccata). I had initially thought I should just use the secateurs that I already own, but I am glad I bought these shears they are much better and fit for purpose, they make trimming our yew tree easy and a quick 5 minute job whereas it would take much longer if I had stuck to using secateurs.

The shears feel well made when you hold and use them, the blades are very sharp and I’ve had no issues cutting through even smaller unruly twig like branches (approx. 0.5cm twigs) as well as the usual small and wispy branches.

I only use the shears for short periods at a time and they are very comfortable as a result of their soft grip handles, I can imagine you’d be able to use them for much longer without any comfort issues.

I am so very glad I bought these shears I cannot think of any criticisms at all, highly recommended.
Mrs P.M. Sharp
Mrs P.M. Sharp Reply to on 15 June 2018
I bought these shears for my Husband and he was very pleased with them.
They are very strong and do the job he wanted them for..
Mr Crisp
Mr Crisp Reply to on 9 November 2016
Great little hand tool, really easy to trim and shape our conifer feature tree. Much more control than with a hedge trimmer.

The points are ultra sharp so needs to be used with care.
MB Reply to on 7 July 2017
Delivered on date, really good for cutting back plants that have finished flowering, easier than sissors
Mikey Reply to on 14 July 2018
Just the job for a bit of topiary. Nice and sharp and provides a good clean cut.
L. Kirkham
L. Kirkham Reply to on 8 October 2016
Excellent. These came quickly and are brilliant fr trimming my topiary into shape.
I have tried to do it with a small electric trimmer without much success. These are just the job.
Michael Brighton
Michael Brighton Reply to on 6 September 2018
Very good for general plant trimming.
peter gilbert
peter gilbert Reply to on 30 July 2018
easy to use with one hand
margaret chappell
margaret chappell Reply to on 23 July 2018
great I can go out everyday to cut my bushes everyday thy are so light and handy.
Fiona Chadburn
Fiona Chadburn Reply to on 2 June 2018
Makes shaping the box easier. Like them
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